Verena Sophia

Verena Sophia is a wedding planner and designer, working in Munich, Germany and Madrid, Spain, specializing in multicultural & destination weddings all over Europe. Verena is a gipsy soul, wanderer, dancer, optimist, night thinking & daydreamer, constantly inspired by life and its beauty. She creates concepts based on new cultures, antique flea markets, patterns and many more.

The branding was inspired by the free spirit (nomad), the one that cannot be tamed when it comes to exploring the world and discovering new possibilities. I’ve created a balance between an elegant logotype, delicate colour palette and layout, rich in textures and emotions. In addition, the incorporated swallow in the logo and as a separate icon, symbolises the nomadic lifestyle of always moving, changing and creating.
The wordmark. The 'O' in Sophia is a combination of a moon and swallow bird.
Verena Sophia
Brand Identity, Print
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