Preserve Wealth Partners

Preserve Wealth Partners is a financial advising company that helps people in Western Australia to manage and grow their wealth. The company offers a new approach to financing through knowledge and expertise, as well as educating customers on savings, budget, investment and strategies.

The brand identity I created reflects the company's values and suggests a sense of professionalism, trust, and prosperity. The brand icon is a combination of two clear symbols, the coin and the leaf, that form the initial 'P'. The monogram expresses financial wealth, growth and nurture, in a minimal and semiotic way. The logo is typeset in the geometric sans serif Brown, thus becoming a typographic basis for the rest of the identity.

The colour palette reflects the heart of the business: forest green draws a parallel
to natural growth, gold is suggestive of currencies and value, while the off-white
hints at the people-first approach of the company.

Preserve Wealth Partners
Brand Identity, Print
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