Paws & Tail

Paws & Tail is a brand that celebrates cats & cat lovers by creating and selling original pieces of merchandise.

To bring this idea to life, I’ve designed a quirky brand identity, revolving around a black cat mascot. The combination of the relaxed logotype and the main character - the black cat, creates a playful type effect and logo mark. This lively sentiment is pulled forward in its applications — from clothing tags and stickers to dynamic social media content.

Moving to the physical aspect of the brand, I’ve illustrated a series of cat illustrations in comical daily scenarios - from the ‘black cat in the family’ to the self-care, unbothered, cat.

The cats are used across different merch items including t-shirts, hoodies, tote bags, phone cases and stickers.
Paws & Tail
Illustration, Brand Identity, Print, Merch
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